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Spare parts for HP Step Attenuators

Spare Parts

If someone needs a spare part like pipe, disc-, saphir, tronser- or Johanson trimmers, feed-throughs, CAPACITOR TRAPEZOID, mica capacitors or something elese, please contact me...

Remaining stocks of DB6NT mmWave PCBs

Price: 15 Euro per piece + shipping

Replacement front panels for transverters

19“ rack insertion

To give away for free, but only for self-collectors.

LNCs OCTAGON (maybe no PLL ???)

Price for both: 10 Euro

3 quartz crystals for 241 GHz CW TX

40° degree thermostat crystals HC18U 118,1251 MHz
Originally packed

Price: all together 20 Euro


PCBs RO4003 for 13cm Preamplifier
0.7 dB NF 30 dB Gain
Pre stage NE32584A ceramic filter and MGA86536
NE325 and filter available in QRL
On the left side of the image: axial female connectors.
On the right side of the image: for Schubert tower mount case.

If you are interested, please report, would like to submit everything together. Documents available.

Power Transistors

I sell some of my power transistors out of my private stock.
Brand new and boxed as new! Only while supplies last!

 Typ Stückzahl   Stückpreis
 BLF574  1  120 Euro
 BLF574XR  4  120 Euro
 BLF888  3  120 Euro
 BLF2425M7L250P  14  80 Euro
 BLF10H6600P  10  120 Euro
 UPF1080P5  9  30 Euro
 MRFE6VP100H  4   40 Euro
 MRF6V2150NBR1  2  30 Euro
 MRF21120T  20 tinned solder version SRFT21120T  30 Euro
 D5029UK-PDE  5  70 Euro

High quality thermostat crystals for 60 ° OCXO's

Small design

Manufacturer: KVG GmbH

Type: Series resonance, overton,  AT-cut

98,625 MHz  (for 76 GHz Transverter with 144 MHz IF)


Price per piece 10 EURO + shipping

Only while supplies last!


Price 10 EURO + shipping

Millimeter Wave Beam Lead Varactor Diodes for 76 GHz and higher

Type: A92220-3  60 mW

Price: 8,- EURO per piece

24 GHz PA Chip APH328

HEMT Power Amplifier CHIP

RF Frequency: 24.5 to 26.6 GHz
Gain: 13 dB
P1dB: +28 dBm  (ca. >0,6 W)

Number of pieces: 40

Further information as pdf-file:

Total price: 50,- EUR + Shipment

24 GHz PA Chip EG1116 TRIQUINT

HEMT Power Amplifier CHIP

RF Frequency: 21.5 to 26.5 GHz
Gain: 7 dB
P1dB: +29,5 dBm  (ca. 0,9 W)

Number of pieces: 20

Further information as pdf-file:

Total price: 30,- EUR + shipment

I give away some 6 GHz waveguide components to buyers who collect the goods himself