E-Band Hughes Flat Broadband Detector E-Band, 60-90 GHz

E-Band Hughes Impatt Oscillator

ca: 66…75 GHz 10 mW

RF load resistor 50 Ohm 2,5 KW

Search for RF load resistor 50 Ohm 2.5 KW
for Bird 8890-300 Series, 2500 Watts Oil-Cooled Terminations
Dimensions 21 x 300 mm

TWT power supply

I am looking for TWT power supply

Manufacturer: CPI

Type. No is (VZK-6901/1)

For TWT TH3864C or VTA-6193C5X

Plug-In to dirve Hughes 47725H - 1560 60-90 GHz / RF-section D-Band 110-160 GHz

I have the above RF-section
Hughes 47725H - 1560 60-90 GHz
I look for Plug-in to drive the RF-section (picture),
also a cable and a manual for it.

Also wanted RF-section D-Band 110-160 GHz.

Another request

Look for directional couplers and
detectors for >50- 250 GHz